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The PAGES Global Soil and Sediment transfers in the Anthropocene (GloSS) working group aims to build a comprehensive global database on soil and sediment transfers in the Anthropocene, to identify hotspots of soil erosion and sediment deposition in response to human impacts, and locate data-poor regions as strategic foci for future work.

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Data availability

Overview of Gauging station data

As of 12/07/2021, there are 48 gauging station records entered.

Overview Cosmogenic Radio Nuclide data

As of 12/07/2021, there are 125 cosmo records entered.

Overview Erosion data

As of 12/07/2021, there are 10 erosion records entered.

Overview Sedimentation data

As of 12/07/2021, there are 156 sedimentation records entered.

Overview Longterm sediment yield data

As of 12/07/2021, there are 26 long term yield records entered.

Overview All data

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Various authors (2017). A global soil and sediment transfers database for the Anthropocene, Past Global Changes Magazine 25(2): 125, DOI:10.22498/pages.25.2.125